General consulting services: business report, business manufacturing permits, etc.

We offer general consulting services, such as: business report preparation, writing business letters, translation from English to Bahasa Malaysia , and applications for business licenses for foreign investors in Malaysia.

Dato’ Dr Anuar Md Nor, Founder, Bison Consulting


A deep understanding of the problems customers are trying to solve is the starting points of innovation in companies.

We are offering 4-day workshops to help technology-based firms on ideation, which is the creative process of generating, developing and communication new ideas. The workshop is a 4-step ideation process:

  1. Select a problem area of consumers
  2. Explore the specific problem
  3. Propose and test  alternative ideas
  4. Perfect the top product area.

Please contact us at to secure a place at the workshop.

Malaysian Government Tech Grant 2019

Tech Grant: Ministry of Energy, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC)

Name of Grant: SMART Fund

Eligible applicants: SMEs

Priority Areas: Water, food and energy nexus; Green growth for sustainable development; Medical and healthcare

Operational Conditions: Companies must be in operations for at least 2 years

Quantum: Maximum amount of RM3,000,000.

Contribution by Company: Subject to MESTECC’s decision. The amount would be less than 30 per cent of grant amount approved.

Payment to Company: Upon signing of agreement, first payment would be 20 per cent of grant amount approved.

Services of Bison Consulting

We will guide in the whole process of grant application.