We supply manpower to Malaysian companies to expand operations

We have a collaboration with Tumpat Ilham Group of Companies to supply manpower to Malaysian companies. They are from Bangladesh (manufacturing), Myanmar (services), and Indonesia (construction and plantation). We also supply foreign professionals and managers.

Call Dato’ Dr Anuar Md Nor at 60163220952 or email at datodranuar@gmail.com.

General consulting services: business report, business manufacturing permits, etc.

We offer general consulting services, such as: business report preparation, writing business letters, translation from English to Bahasa Malaysia , and applications for business licenses for foreign investors in Malaysia.

Dato’ Dr Anuar Md Nor, Founder, Bison Consulting


A deep understanding of the problems customers are trying to solve is the starting points of innovation in companies.

We are offering 4-day workshops to help technology-based firms on ideation, which is the creative process of generating, developing and communication new ideas. The workshop is a 4-step ideation process:

  1. Select a problem area of consumers
  2. Explore the specific problem
  3. Propose and test  alternative ideas
  4. Perfect the top product area.

Please contact us at datodranuar@gmail.com to secure a place at the workshop.

Malaysian Government Tech Grant 2019

Tech Grant: Ministry of Energy, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC)

Name of Grant: SMART Fund

Eligible applicants: SMEs

Priority Areas: Water, food and energy nexus; Green growth for sustainable development; Medical and healthcare

Operational Conditions: Companies must be in operations for at least 2 years

Quantum: Maximum amount of RM3,000,000.

Contribution by Company: Subject to MESTECC’s decision. The amount would be less than 30 per cent of grant amount approved.

Payment to Company: Upon signing of agreement, first payment would be 20 per cent of grant amount approved.

Services of Bison Consulting

We will guide in the whole process of grant application.