Apply Malaysian Government Tech Grant

Malaysian government tech grants are free monies to help Malaysian firms to commercialize new technologies.

We specialize in helping a grant application that will improve the chance of securing the Malaysian tech grant as we have a good track record in submitting these applications.

From September to December 2019, we help you to submit an application and pay us only later when the application is approved. In order to know your new technology and assess its potential, please submit:

  1. Background of your company, such as history and paid-up capital.
  2. The technology and the stage of development.
  3. The grant to be applied (MESTECC or MTDC).
  4. The collaborator of your commercialization, namely public universities
  5. The R&D team if available

Please email this information to Dato’ Dr Anuar Md Nor at


Secure business loans through Bison Consulting

We are teaming-up with Terence Associates & Co. to help Malaysian companies to secure corporate loans, from as low as RM500,000 to as much RM200,000,000. We will be working with a network of ex-senior Malaysian bankers to source the best deals for firms. The current challenging business environment should be a timely opportunity for firms to take a lead over competitors. The business areas are generally broad, from SMEs, government contracts and property development.

Please provide a summary of your firm’s business to us that include:

  1. The business area and business model.
  2. History such as business track records and profit and loss.
  3. Corporate information, and
  4. Other useful information.

Our assessment process will take about 2 weeks, after which we will indicate the terms of the funding options. Please contact Dato’ Dr Anuar Md Nor, Founder, Bison Consulting.

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New Service for technology community 

We have entered into a partnership with Blockon Group, a global company in blockchain technology, to offer advice on ICO and applications of blockchain in government, industry and organizations. Blockon Group has offices in India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Visit Blockon Group 


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Welcome to our site. We serve the need of the technology communities to exploit their intellectual property assets.

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